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A Place for Everyone

If you want to get involved at Friends Church, then consider joining a committee! The committees below are responsible for putting on nearly all events and programs at Friends. We volunteer our time and talents to serve each other, and would love for you to join us!

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Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for organizing and planning the educational programming for the church.

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Evangelism & Outreach

The Evangelism and Outreach Committee is responsible for communication within the church as well as with the wider community. 



The Fellowship Committee will lead, develop, and promote the fellowship life of the congregation

through all church gatherings.

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Justice & Mission

The Justice & Mission Committee will oversee the local outreach programs of the church in response to issues of social injustice. The J&M ministry oversees a number of sub-committees, including the Faith Inclusion and Disability Awareness Committee and the Sustainability Committee.



The Nurture Committee supports Church members and friends  by providing care, connection and comfort.



The purpose of the Personnel Committee is to oversee all matters related to paid personnel of the church, except the pastor.



The Property Committee is responsible for the maintenance and operation of any and all facilities related to the Church.

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Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Committee assists and coordinates spiritual growth opportunities such as small groups, activities, and literature. We also work with class volunteer leaders to coordinate adult Sunday School.



The Worship Committee will cooperate with the Pastors in developing Worship services for the Congregation.

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