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The Property Ministry will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of any and all facilities and properties of the Church. When you are here, at church, you are home.  Our property and grounds are a focal point for much of our ministry, where worship, spiritual formation, justice, and fellowship all serve to build our beloved community.


  • Manages existing property related contracts for maintenance and repairs.

  • Finds and negotiates new contractors if needed

  • Supervises projects and authorizes payments upon completion

  • Manages building rentals

  • Coordinates fountain cleaning

  • Purchases necessary property supplies

  • Attends all Trustees and Congregational meetings

  • Submits a report to Deputy Moderator of Trustees for monthly Church Council meeting

  • Submits articles as needed for newsletters

  • Provides a summary of activities to Deputy Moderator of Trustees for the Friends Annual Report (due in June)


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Join the Property Ministry Team

  • Assist with exterior or interior building maintenance* (on-call list)

  • Assist with grounds and flower bed upkeep* (on-call list)

  • Assist with weekly fountain maintenance* (sign-up list)

  • Weekly trash can curb placement and return (Mondays, sign-up list)

  • Serve as Event Host –stay on site during rental to non-church members* (on-call list)

  • Contractor supervision*–stay on site during work projects (on-call list)

*Orientation provided

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