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The Property Committee will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of any and all facilities and properties of the Church. Our property and grounds are a focal point for much of our ministry, where worship, spiritual formation, justice, and fellowship all serve to build our beloved community.


  • Manages existing property-related contracts for maintenance and repairs

  • Finds and negotiates new contractors if needed

  • Supervises projects and authorizes payments upon completion

  • Manages building rentals

  • Coordinates fountain cleaning

  • Purchases necessary property supplies


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Join the Property Committee

  • Assist with exterior or interior building maintenance*

  • Assist with grounds and flowerbed upkeep*

  • Assist with weekly fountain maintenance*

  • Weekly trashcan and recycling bin curb placement and return

  • Serve as event host, staying onsite during property rentals*

  • Contractor supervision, staying onsite during work projects*

*Orientation provided

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