Our Vision

Rooted in the way of Christ, we strive to be a community of God's radical inclusion and extravagant welcome. 


Our Mission

United by the example of Jesus, we live faithfully, love limitlessly, and serve boldly.

Core Values

  • Spirituality – We offer nurturing guidance to all to know God and love others; We seek to encourage a deeper spirituality for all; We affirm all spiritual journeys and offer worship experiences open to everyone; We apply the teachings of Jesus to the practice of our daily lives.

  • Inclusivity and Affirmation – We embrace every person as a child of God, inviting all to participate fully in the life and mission of our Congregation without exception; We celebrate and affirm the diversity of human gifts; We choose love and respect always.

  • Community – We proclaim as an embodiment of Christ, we are siblings of the same family; We seek to develop relationships among our members, our local neighbors, and the global community; We choose empathy, generosity, dignity, respect, trust and love to guide our relationships.

  • Justice – We courageously work towards and stand for social justice; We are relentless in identifying inequity and injustice, boldly taking action to demonstrate our spiritual commitment; We must serve and not wait to be served.

  • Stewardship – We act as stewards of all God’s creation; We share our earthly and spiritual resources; We passionately work to preserve the global environment for future generations.