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Technical Ministries

The primary objective of Technical Ministries Team is to create an atmosphere conducive to worship and technical excellence with a focus on equipping and training volunteers. The production aspect of the Technical Ministries includes audio, video, lighting, projection, web streaming, and media for FCC. The Tech Team provides technical support for worship gatherings, congregational meetings, and special events. The Tech Team is a resource for many aspects of church communication including the e-Connection and the Friday Edition of This Week at Friends. The Tech Team maintains all email accounts, the church website, subscription services, and manages the computer, software, and electronic needs of the church.


  • Manages Friends Church Website

  • Coordinates social media communications with Evangelism ministry

  • Manages IT for all church’s computers and electronic needs

  • Updates and installs computer software

  • Manages and maintains all email accounts and other electronic communication needs

  • Provides a point of contact for subscription services such as Online Giving, Membership Database, Constant Contact (e-Connection & Friday Edition of This Week at Friends)

  • Coordinates preparation and production with the pastors of Sunday worship services including audio, video, lighting, projection, and media

  • Manages the live stream of Sunday morning worship service


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Assist with preparation of media for Sunday morning worship services*

  • Manage the AV presentation during Sunday morning worship services*

  • Control the audio and recording of Sunday morning worship services*

*Orientation provided

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