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Dear Diary: A Mission Trip Reflection

Friends, the Youth Group has officially returned from our Mission Trip to Washington, DC, and I could flood this entire page with stories of laughter, tears, and most certainly sweat. But I am instead going to offer this brief glimpse into the week. I’d like to share one of my journal entries from a few days into our trip, when our feet started to really ache, and we had resorted to using Dr. Pepper as currency (this is not a joke). On Thursday night, amid sounds of shower shoes, and card games, the clamoring of dishes from those making 10pm spaghetti, Dan and some of the youth doing push-ups, and the hum of music from headphones in our little room surrounded by bunk beds and box fans – I put my leather-bound diary in my lap, looked with pride at my kids, and began to write.



June 27,


What a week. Not even sure where to begin. We got here safely despite the stress of the travels. We were exhausted and sweaty when we arrived at the hostel, and wouldn’t you know it? No A/C, and we are all sharing one bunk room. I had to sleep on a wet towel, but I slept on a wet towel. Hold on, I repeated that because I’m always – No, I’m doing it again. I’m trying to focus, but Kenya is asking me a question and Henry is walking in circles around him. Okay – try again, I am honestly blown away by the youth. They are just incredible, kind, caring, driven, brilliant kids. This group has the best chemistry, and they have been good to each other. People have continually bragged about them. Despite the hectic schedule and setbacks and navigating D.C. public transit, they have remained positive and kind. Despite some frustrations, I have blessed and released what does not bring me peace. We’ve finished up the mission part of the trip, and now we get to do all the touristy stuff and sightseeing. I can’t wait to just have fun with them and explore museums. I love my kids and my job. I do miss my parents and my house and Louise, though I can’t complain.


(Nobody tell my parents I wrote that last part. How embarrassing.)



My heart is full. Thank you to all who helped us get to D.C. and supported the incredible impact these youth are making on the world.


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