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Special Offerings

  • One Great Hour of Sharing
    One Great Hour of Sharing provides disaster relief ministries around the world.
    Typically taken in March

  • Strengthen the Church
    Strengthen the Church grows the UCC's future by Funding new church starts and invigorating existing congregations, Nurturing lay and pastoral leadership, Building youth and young adult ministries and Supporting the God is Stillspeaking Ministry and its extravagant welcome for all within the United Church of Christ.
    Typically taken in May or June

  • Neighbors in Need
    Neighbors in Need support Ministries of social transformation through advocacy ministries.
    Typically taken in October

  • Christmas Fund
    Gifts to the Christmas Fund help provide pension and health premium supplementation to low-income retirees, emergency assistance to the families of clergy and lay employees and Christmas Gift Checks to hundreds of annuitants.
    Typically taken in December (sometimes only taken ON Christmas Eve)

  • Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM)
    Our Church's Wider Mission Special Support comprises gifts to the four Special Mission Offerings in the United Church of Christ, per capita dues, and gifts that are specially designated for the Conference, national setting or UCC-related institutions. By mandate of the General Synod, each local church receives promotional material for the four Special Mission Offerings:

    Watch the video An easy to understand, entertaining explanation of Our Church's Wider Mission. Great for new members and long time church committees alike.