Church Leadership

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Name Position Phone
Rev. Dr. Dan De Leon Pastor 979.693.7021
Rev. Trent Williams Associate Pastor
Chris Hoffman Director of Music Ministries 979.693.7021
Kim Beasley Administrative Assistant 979.693.7021
Dwight Baker Moderator (Council)*
Kelly Wellman Vice Moderator (Council)*
Raney Whitwell Secretary (Council)*
Debra Webb Treasurer (Council)**
Eli Vasquez Congregational Representative (Council)**
Lisa Welch Congregational Representative (Council)*
Kate Kiernat Deputy Moderator of Trustees (Council)**
Tom Vogel Financial Secretary (Trustees)*
Anne Weherly Stewardship Chair (Trustees)**
Susan Fontaine Property Chair (Trustees)*
Debbie Ridgeway Personnel Chair (Trustees)**
Diane Simpson Deputy Moderator of Programs (Council)*
Anne Nichols Worship Chair (Programs)**
Robin Miller Christian Education Chair (Programs)*
Cecelia Hawkins Justice & Missions (Programs)**
Jenny Bollom & Loretta Mendez Nuture Chair (Programs)**
Cathy Hansen & Ronnie Holz Spiritual Development Chair (Programs)*
Kate Powell & Allison Holder Fellowship Chair (Programs)*
Carlos Figueroa Evangelism Chair (Programs)**
Lucy Harper Youth Representative (Programs)*
David Manuel Pastoral Relations** (v)
Cathy Hansen Pastoral Relations** (a)
Laura Svatek Pastoral Relations* (v)
Alicia Ramirez Pastoral Relations* (a)
Dustin Kemp Assoc Pastoral Relations* (v)
Trina Davis Assoc Pastoral Relations* (a)
Kathy Langlotz Capital Campaign Coordinator
Jess Wade Building Committee Chair
Andy Tag Co-Webmaster
Glenn Thurman Co-Webmaster

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