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Sep 2012 Update



Building a Vision / Friends in Faith Capital Campaign
Important Update
September 2012


Dear Friends,


We continue to move forward toward the start of construction of our "Friends In Faith" Capital Campaign building expansion! Contractor bids have been reviewed, so we have estimated cost figures that are closer to reality than prior estimates. All bids were higher than expected. Although the bid has not been awarded, we are working with the lowest bidder to find ways to reduce the project costs. The latest estimates reveal a need for additional pledges of $10,500 to cover the estimated cost of the expansion without the bell tower.  Including the bell tower would require another $41,000.

May 2012 Update



Building a Vision / Friends in Faith Capital Campaign
Important Update
May 30, 2012


Dear Friends,


The process of the Friends Capital/Building Campaign has passed an incredible milestone! As a congregation, we have decided the path by which we will proceed with regard to improved and expanded facilities.


On May 27, sixty-eight of our members stayed for an important congregational meeting which resulted in careful consideration of where we go next in our building campaign. The passionate and constructive comments dealt mostly with the options of the building plan with an attached bell tower which we already have sufficient pledges to build, or the plan with the separate bell tower and a more open and welcoming entrance porch, which is estimated to cost about $18,700 more that had been pledged at that time. A motion was made that we proceed with the plan that includes the separate bell tower, but that it not be constructed until it is determined that the funds are available, and that the tower be included in an alternate bid process to fully determine its cost. Because of the importance of this vote, Steering decided to allow absentee voting for members who were unable to attend the meeting (as outlined in our by-laws). At the conclusion of that voting period on May 30, it was announced that the motion did pass by a vote of 75-13.

April 2012 Update



Friends in Faith Capital Campaign Important Update
April 2012



Dear Friends,


The six-week time period given by the congregation on March 4th to identify additional pledges to the Friends In Faith Capital Campaign ended Sunday, April 15th. Our goal was to invite those who had already made a pledge to consider extending it an additional year, or give an additional lump sum amount, in an effort to bridge the $100,000 gap between the total pledged amount and the estimated project costs presented by the Building Committee. The response we received was remarkable. An additional $150,000 was pledged during this time period. This includes both households pledging for the first time, as well as others offering to extend their original pledge. It includes local active worshipers of Friends Church, and out of town members and friends that believe in our vision and mission. This gives us a new grand total of campaign pledges of $857,265.

Capital Campaign Changes Gears !



by Kathy Langlotz, Campaign Coordinator

The pledge phase of the Friends In Faith Capital Campaign was officially completed June 12th with the announcement that close to $700,000 has been pledged to our continued growth. During these months new connections between us have been established and old ones have been strengthened and, in some cases, redefined. We reconnected with people who have been missing from our ranks and had the opportunity to examine the broader significance our little church has as a voice for inclusion and justice in our community. How Friends Church will benefit from this time is now up to us.


A number of things will happen in the five-year giving period:

Capital Campaign is underway !



by Kathy Langlotz, Capital Campaign Coordinator

I clearly remember the Sunday worship service when the youth of our church publicly expressed their desire to participate in the NOH8 campaign.  That moment helped me realize yet again how much this church means to me.  Our young people stood up that day and said symbolically, "Kathy, we are changing the world for you!"  I began reflecting on how what we do together really does change the world.  We are teaching OUR children to love and to know that they are loved.  We are teaching our youth that when they see an injustice and they stand up to say,

Friends in Faith Capital Campaign Update



by Kathy Langlotz, Campaign Coordinator

The Friends In Faith Capital Campaign is in the final weeks of personal visits. During these visits we have been able to share so much about what we love about Friends Church, including envisioning our hopes and dreams for the future. Some of those reflections have been shared by those who have been gracious enough to share a Mission Moment about what Friends Church means to them in light of the capital campaign. If you have missed any of these Mission Moments I invited you to listen to podcasts

Campaign Awareness & Education Session



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Campaign Awareness/Education meetings were held after Worship on;
Sunday, March 20, 2011
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Sunday, March 27, 2011






If you are unable to attend any of these meetings, you will still have an opportunity to view the presentation here.

Meet your Volunteer Team



Sunday, March 20, 2011


Do all the good you can, by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can, in all the places you can,
at all the times you can, to all the people you can,
as long as you can.

-John Wesley




A Huge Thank You to our FRIENDS IN FAITH Capital Campaign volunteers

A Rare Opportunity



by Kathy Langlotz, Capital Campaign Coordinator

It's finally here.  THIS is the month we kick off the fundraising phase of our Friends In Faith Capital Campaign. I have been reminded during the past few weeks and months that, though capital campaigns are a normal part of any church's life, they offer a rare opportunity for us to come together and

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