Church Covenant

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Just one year after its formation, an important event took place in the life of Friends Church. During an all church retreat in November 1978, this young congregation wrote the following covenant. This important formative event was achieved through faith, love and prayer.


Friends Congregational Church Covenant


We recognize that we were strangers, that we came from diverse backgrounds, that we share a longing for acceptance and a need for mutual support.

We need to celebrate our love of God with joy, enthusiasm and faith.

In faith we gather as Friends Congregational Church* to experience community, to celebrate old traditions and to affirm our new creations.

Looking outward, we recognize the need to embrace the world and invite others to share mutual gifts. Our spiritual journey is sustained by the God of Biblical history as expressed by Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebekah and most clearly by Jesus of Nazareth.

We celebrate the continuity of our faith and live in its mystery.


*Originally “Friends United Church of Christ”

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